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Tousu is a women's shoes brand under Tianchuang Fashion Co., Ltd., which is positioned as a medium and high-end women's shoes. Its style is a more elegant and exquisite original design women's shoes, which is very comfortable, and the brand is also very humanized. It has always been caring for women's feet and even their long-term health.

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Chinese meaning: "Zou" means "walking", "Su" means "feelings", and "Zou Su" means "sincere feelings for walking". Tu Su TIGRISSO advocates the concept of new elegance, and believes that "new elegance" is an elegant lifestyle and attitude, an exquisite and appropriate dress, and a healthy posture and gait.

"Which is the high-end of Belle and Belle? Are Belle and Belle of the same grade?" 1. Belle is more high-end. Belle is a Spanish women's shoes brand, which is positioned at the middle and high-end. 2. Belle is a domestic women's shoes brand with a middle line and many brands with different positioning. However, Belle has a higher popularity and history than Zou.

Tu Su TIGRISSO is authorized by China Fashion Color Association to release "China Fashion Women's Shoes Fashion Color". The unique color style and exquisite detail design show the elegant smell of shoes and extend the beautiful curve of women's feet. Together with the high-energy expert team, the "High Heel Research Institute" was established to introduce effective and scientific shoe technology to Chinese women and experience the real happiness of walking.

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"Is the size of the shoes of the butterfly the same as that of the Belle shoes?" The shoes of the butterfly are larger than that of the Belle shoes. Diesu is an international fashion brand originated from Spain. The brand concept originates from the Spanish royal family, focusing on making women's shoes. It is a middle and high-end brand, and the price is generally high. Most of its targeted consumers are urban women, advocating an exquisite and elegant lifestyle, and the quality of shoes has always been highly praised

"Diesu and Miaoli are good" Diesu women's shoes are of medium and high grade. Introduction: tigriso Country: Spain Founded in 1982, the company headquarters: Guangzhou Tianchuang Fashion Shoes Co., Ltd. Tigriso is the name of a "butterfly of desire" in Spanish folklore. Miaoli women's shoes belong to the middle and high level, but there are still some problems in China

"Which is better for women's shoes?" It belongs to the middle class and is a Spanish brand of women's shoes. Founded in 2010, Qixiu's own blueprint auction includes ISSCAT, ZSAZSAZSU, tigrisso, KissKitty and other brands. He also acted as an agent for Patricia, a Spanish brand, to create brands for different consumer groups. And the combination of different styles to meet different life experiences and prices

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Refer to Baidu Encyclopedia for the above information

What grade are the women's shoes for walking

"What's the grade of the women's shoes for walking" is the middle and high-end grade of the women's shoes for walking.

Introduction to Zou

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"Which is the high-end of Zhenmeishi and Tuansu?" The high-end of Tuansu, which is produced in Spain and sells for about 1000 yuan, belongs to the middle and high grade. The production of Zhenmeishi is in China and sells for about 500 yuan, belongs to the middle grade, so the grade of Tuansu is higher.

From the perspective of the whole shoe product line of Tousu, it is dominated by elegant style and subdivided into six categories: "evening wear", "classic", "fashion", "comfortable", "sports" and "bags". The price of shoes is more than 1000. High heels, sandals, Mary Jane shoes, boots and other styles are very fashionable. In recent years, we have cooperated with the China Fashion Color Association to produce many shoes with Chinese colors.