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The company is located in Shenzhen Cultural Creative Park, the leading base of technological innovation in Shenzhen. The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "innovation, dedication, integrity and dedication", put research and development first, and vigorously introduced Korean leading beauty technology,

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Dr. PF brand is a trademark established on September 14, 2018 on China Trademark Network, which includes the following goods and services, including cosmetics; Facial cleanser; Fragrance; Air aromatics, etc,

The industry is cosmetics

Shenzhen Hanmeishang Cosmetics Co., Ltd

The creation of the "new retail" platform enables customers to harvest more wealth while reaping beauty, and achieve freedom of work and a double harvest of career and family.

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The company firmly believes that first-class products and unique style are the way to survive. The company always adheres to the mission of "promoting beauty, spreading happiness and contributing love",

For a long time, the company has focused on building a team, cultivating elite talents, and regularly arranging to go to South Korea for further education to improve the strength of the team. The company invested heavily in the introduction of top-level network operation system, and comprehensively developed three major sales channel platforms, namely, entity, online and offline.

Adhere to the spirit of innovation, constantly optimize and improve product quality, adhere to the purpose of "beauty makes confidence", work with customers to create a beautiful cause, and make unremitting efforts to improve people's quality of life.

We will strive to create a first-class enterprise in the industry, contribute to the healthy and prosperous development of China's skin care industry, and wholeheartedly provide customers with quality services. We will work hand in hand with customers to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results! Dr. PF brand was founded by Shenzhen Han Meishang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. on September 14, 2018 Dr The PF brand was officially registered successfully and obtained the trademark registration certificate on April 18, 2019. Dr. PF... is a brand from Guangzhou Meide Shoes Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in leisure and fashion shoes, work shoes, leisure shoes, canvas shoes and other footwear products featuring fashion and fashion. "What brand is PF?" Hello, PF=Path Finder is a brand from Guangzhou Meide Shoes Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in leisure and fashion shoes, work shoes, leisure shoes, canvas shoes and other footwear products featuring fashion and fashion. I hope it can be your reference. Have a nice day.

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Now, the company has reached a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with many domestic beauty salons, agents, dealers, wholesalers and other customers, and achieved good cooperation results.

"Is pf pathfinder an American brand?" Pf pathfinder is a domestic brand, the brand name is pathfinder, and PF is the abbreviation of "pathfinder", so it is also called pf pathfinder. ("pathfinder" means "explorer, pioneer" in English.) On January 11, 1999, Beijing Toread Travel Products Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Beijing, specializing in outdoor sports clothing, shoes and hats, etc

The company has an independently operated "DR.PF" brand, introduces Korean high-end technology and Korean professional skin care concept, focuses on creating natural, healthy and high-quality skin care products, and provides better skin care technologies and products for Chinese customers.

The quality, quality service and top network operation management system give back to our customers, and we have an excellent reputation in the industry!

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What brand of shoes is drpf

"What brand of shoes is drpf?" drpf is not a brand of shoes, but a brand of cosmetics. It is a cosmetics brand of Shenzhen Hanmeishang Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Hanzhi Company integrates high-end R&D, production and sales of cosmetics, distribution and wholesale of cosmetics, and investment promotion agency, and is committed to creating online and offline sales platforms, focusing on high-end

Hanzhi Cosmetics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., established in June 2016, is an agent company under 3ri'ai Co., Ltd. in South Korea and the operation center in Chinese Mainland.

"What's the difference between cat shoes and pf shoes? Are there two different brands?" 1. The name CAT shoe is also called catfootwear. Pf is the abbreviation of Pathfinder, which means Pathfinder. Pathfinder is a product production company

"Who knows the detailed information and official website of PF&# 47; Pathfinder&# 47; Explorer shoes?" PF Flyer is an American brand. It seems that it was acquired by the American brand New Balance in more than nine years, so it is now a brand under New Balance. Unlike New Balance, it specializes in sneakers, but canvas shoes. Its cost performance is higher than Converse canvas shoes. I can't find the official website~Baidu even his information