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"What are the brands of Nuzhen leather shoes?" BELLE shoes take the name of "beautiful women" in French and Italian. It mainly focuses on fashionable leather shoes for women and also produces men's shoes. The main customers are urban white-collar workers who are "20-40 years old, middle income". BELLE has a variety of styles, with "comfortable, simple, professional and mature" as the mainstream, and there is no lack of fashion, fashion and avant-garde. And with popular price, high quality

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"What are the rankings of domestic women's shoes brands?" Kiss Cat KISS CAT has created the image of a beautiful, intelligent, fashionable and independent intellectual woman with cat like magic with a unique brand concept. The structure of Kiss Cat products is leather women's shoes mainly for formal wear and fashion, and also for leisure; Long term accurate and stable market performance forms generous, fashionable, elegant, quiet and

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"Which women's shoes brands are better?" On Saturday, Jasmine, Spider King, Belle, Xuanmeishi and Wandering Beauty are all very good choices. The price is not very expensive, and the feet are very comfortable. In fact, we should choose the shoes that are suitable for us! As far as the domestic market is concerned, women's shoes leather brands include Belle, Kiss Cat, Kangli, Saturday, Hassan, Dadong, etc

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"Top 10 Women's Shoes in the Footwear Brand Ranking" 1. Belle: China's well-known trademarks, Chinese famous brands, industry famous brands, China's top ten women's shoes brands, China's leather logo brands, leading brands, Belle International Holding Co., Ltd. 2. Daphne: Founded in Hong Kong in 1987, Daphne International is a diversified business group focusing on shoe R&D, production, processing and sales

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