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"What are the more formal wholesale markets in Beijing?" Wholesale markets are extremely dense, and wholesale and retail businesses are quite hot. Another one is in the famous Muxiyuan Garden. The Dahongmen business circle, one of the eight business circles in Beijing, has been formed. The wholesale markets in the two districts have their own characteristics. First of all, in the zoo area, the prosperous Tianle Clothing Wholesale Market: Cheap clothes dazzle the temptation of Tianle, which belongs to indoor

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"Where do you usually wholesale clothes in Beijing? Cheap and high-quality clothes?" The Beijing clothing wholesale market is concentrated in the zoo and Dahongmen. The Century Tianle, Julong and other shopping malls in the zoo are generally better than Dahongmen in terms of clothing quality. For example, the shops on the fourth floor and above of Century Tianle are mainly medium goods, while Dahongmen's clothing is relatively cheaper, but it was closed only at noon

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"I want to sell clothes and buy goods in Beijing. Great Xia, please tell me which batch of clothes are worth visiting in Beijing. Where are the clothes more fashionable and cheaper?" Most of them go to Dahongmen wholesale market. The clothes are fashionable and very cheap. Those who enter the middle and low level should go to the morning market, while those who enter the middle and high level should go to the Dahongmen Phase I Building, which is full of brand goods. The clothes in the morning market are mainly cheap, with the largest flow of people. However, if you want to go early, it will open at about 4:30 and close at about 10:00. Both the brand building and the morning market are called Dahongmen Wholesale Market

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Do you send formal clothes in Beijing

"Beijing hair formal clothing" hair. The clothing factories in Beijing are all certified on the official website. They have registered enterprises with the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. The quality of their clothing is very good and formal. They are all legally protected products that meet the standards. Beijing, referred to as "Beijing" for short, is the capital of the People's Republic of China.

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"Where can we wholesale authentic foreign trade clothing in Beijing" Beijing Tiantongyuan large-scale foreign trade clothing wholesale warehouse