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"Xiangxiangli shoes TATA, who knows these two women's shoes better?" TATA is better! Why? As you said, your consumption level is not high. The factory price of this shoe in Guangzhou is between 35 and 65. It should be profitable. Although the workmanship is a little poor, it can still keep up with fashion. It's purely personal advice

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"How about the quality of Xiangxiangli's shoes?" The quality is very good. I can wear a pair of shoes for two or three years without tiring my feet. My shoes are Xiangxiangli's all year round. Buy a pair of old shops on Taobao that can save nearly 100 yuan than the mall. Search for the crown of "Colorful Famous Shoe House". I have bought it at home for many years and can trust it.

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"Which is better to use, Mingdian or Xiangxiangli?" Xiangxiangli. 1. Xiangxiangli Women's Shoes is a second tier brand. Due to inadequate publicity, it is relatively small, but the quality of the shoes is very good. First of all, the soles are very thick and soft. After wearing them, there will be no crowding or grinding. 2. Mingdian Women's Shoes is a professional development, production and sales company

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Xiangxiangli Women's Shoes and Anta Women's Shoes are good

"Xiangxiangli women's shoes and Anta women's shoes have a good job" Xiangxiangli women's shoes and Anta women's shoes are better than Anta women's shoes. Anta women's shoes are light. They are not tired when walking. They are fashionable and can also be worn.

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"How about the quality of Xiangxiangli women's shoes?" Very good. I bought a pair of high heels that don't make me tired. Later, I bought a pair of small heels for my mother. She likes them very much.