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Excellent design, perfect fit, high-quality materials and various colors create the most popular designer brand Diesel. The brand is also known for its eye-catching advertising campaigns, which have helped it win an incredible international reputation. Diesel hired Felicity Gilbert as its brand ambassador to further enhance brand awareness.

Levi' S is one of the most popular and best-selling jeans brands in the world. This old brand of jeans has been able to create its own unique position in the commodity industry, because people associate it with a clear identity symbol.

"Jeans Brand Ranking" 1. Levi's Levi's is a famous jeans brand in Bai, founded by Levi Strauss, a Jewish businessman. In 1853, Levi Strauss established Levi Strauss&Co., which produces canvas overalls. In 1873, he and another group of people, JACOB DAVIS, put their buttons

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Levi' S is a company that originated in the United States and was founded by its founder, Levi Strauss, in 1853. With the help of nearly 2800 self operated outlets headquartered in San Francisco, the company has expanded its network to the international market.

"What are the four largest denim brands in the world?" 1. Killah's Italian jeans series is one of the top six jeans brands in the world. Not only is the workmanship becoming more and more exquisite, but also the use of rich folds, dice and color contrast, and first-class matching details form the main characteristics. Killah has always carried forward its good design taste, and won the popularity of jeans every season with other kinds of creativity

1. Levi's

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Wrangler is often described as a cool jeans brand, because it fits well and looks fashionable. Its design combines modern trends with retro fashion. This popular jeans brand has a "W" logo on the back pocket, giving it a personalized, original and elegant look.

World Top Jeans Brand

"World Top Jeans Brand" World top jeans brands include Levi's, Wrangler and Diesel.

"What are the top jeans brands in the world?" Evisu [Japan] is one of the most expensive jeans brands in the world, with bold design. Boss [Germany] jeans with excellent cut. Abercrombie&Fitch [America] is decadent and worn out. Benetton [Italy] has a special and natural color. G-Star [Netherlands] stereo cutting, a very classic G-StarRaw feature. S. OLiver [Germany] has two sides

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"Top Ten Brand Jeans in the World" 2. Lee Lee is one of the three classics of American cowboy culture. In the process of establishing American cowboy culture, LEE has come a long way. From different stages of development, LEE has always been able to maintain a practical and fashionable attitude. Lee's jeans changed from practical to fashionable. During the evolution, Lee stood in an important position. 3、Wrang...

2. Horse herder