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"What are the brands of Italian shoes starting with" Gianmarco Lorenzi LUIGI BORRELLI LOVE MOSCHINO

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"What is the brand of the shoes with the beginning of L next to the crescent of the moon of Shenyang Xinglong Great Olei?" Louis Vuitton asked Louis Vuitton. The first one is the beginning of L, and the second one is the transliteration of Louis Vuitton, or LV, which is from Paris, France, more than 100 years ago. The pronunciation is "luyis vitton", abbreviated as "LV". If you want to buy high-grade leather goods, LV should be the first choice, especially for leather travel

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"The women's shoes beginning with L end with ooe, as if they were thick soled sandals" should be the word love, a brand in Guangzhou, and the shoes should be good!

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Women's shoe brands beginning with l

"Women's shoe brands beginning with l" Women's shoe brands beginning with l include: 1. LSERELLI (Shiweili): Wuhan Shiweili Shoes Co., Ltd., which mainly deals in medium and high-end fashion women's shoes. 2. LUZVS: The LUZVS women's shoes brand was founded in 1998, integrating Korean customs and Chinese culture. After the birth of the LUZVS brand, it has developed into a high-end women's shoes company integrating professional development, production and sales. 3. LYVDN (Fadini): LYVDN is a high-end fashion women's shoes brand. The women's shoes designed and developed by LYVDN are full of the taste of warmth and individuality. 4. LIFENNI: LIFENNI, a women's shoe expert from Taiwan, has always insisted on expressing classics in a simple way, integrating various elements of sports, leisure and fashion, advocating the romantic leisure created by modern fashionable women, and using rational and comfortable elements to make shoes and people complement each other, creating a harmonious beauty of classic and popular, leisure and sports.

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"What are the brands of Italian shoes starting with L?" I have never heard of Italian shoes starting with L! The LV mentioned upstairs is from France! In addition to LV in France, Lacoste crocodile and Le coq sportif shoes are quite famous. They only represent personal views. Do not spray if you don't like them. Thank you.