How often should women's shoes in the shoe cabinet be replaced with broken soles

"What are the three guarantees of national footwear regulations" 1. Left and right feet do not match pairs. 2. The upper and sole have obvious color difference. 2、 The shoes with the following problems within one month will be replaced. 1. The vamp is severely discolored. 2. The vamp breaks during normal use. 3. The sole is broken in normal use. C. Refund guarantee: 1. For the reason of replacement guarantee (I), if there is no same product number or same price

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"The surface of the leather shoes cracked after a month of purchase. Which one of the three bags belongs to, repair or return?" It can be returned within 15 days, replaced within one month, and repaired within three months

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"What is the warranty period of Nike shoes?" 1. The warranty period is 120 days. 2. Within the warranty period, consumers can return, replace or repair the shoes with invoices or "warranty" certificates. 3. During the three months, if any shoes other than those artificially damaged are found, they will be returned, replaced and repaired on a guaranteed basis. The "three guarantees" policy is that the retail business enterprises are responsible for

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The warranty period of "new three guarantees" leather shoes is 3 months from the date of sale, and the warranty period of leather shoes, cloth shoes and lacquered leather shoes is 1 month from the date of sale. Article 2: If the footwear commodities have the following quality problems, the operators shall bear the "three guarantees" responsibility for return, replacement and repair. (1) Serious degumming (except for those with side seam), mortar cracking, crack

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It should be within one month. "How long is the national warranty period for footwear products?" 1. Refund guarantee: within 7 days from the date of purchase (i.e. the date of purchase indicated in the sales voucher), if the shoes are not worn due to improper selection, new shoes do not match pairs, sizes are different, and the shoes are smooth, they can be returned or replaced. 2. Replacement: Within the three guarantee period, any of the following problems will be replaced: (1) The normal use of

The shoes in the shoe cabinet should be replaced within one month,