Is the Qixi Bird Shoes made of genuine leather

"Are Love Bird's shoes made of real leather or fake leather?" Love Bird's shoes are made of real leather. However, they are a low-end brand with ordinary materials and workmanship. The lining is generally made of pig skin, which is a brand owned by Fuguiniao.

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"Are the women's shoes made of genuine leather?" Yes. According to the official website of Qixiniao, the women's shoes of this brand are all made of genuine leather, belonging to a medium to upper class women's shoes. The workmanship of these women's shoes is very fine, and the texture is also very good. Qixi Bird has a first-class design team, so the design concept of this women's shoes is very novel, and the leather quality is also good.

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"How about Qixi Bird shoes?" The style of the Seven Joy Birds Women's Shoes is very beautiful, and the quality is also good. These shoes are very comfortable on the feet, and very comfortable for people to wear.

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"Are the Qixi bird shoes genuine leather?" The Qixi bird shoes are genuine leather. According to the relevant public information, leather is compared with artificial leather. The identification method of leather shoes is to smell the smell and look at the patterns. The Qixi Bird Women's Shoes are made of leather.

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"Are Love Bird's Shoes Genuine Leather or Fake Leather?" Guangzhou Love Bird Leather Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in leather, fur, feathers and their products and footwear industry. Not real leather.

"Is Qixi Bird a famous brand? Is it one of the top ten brands in China?" Not one of China's top ten brands.